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Communications of the ACM

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The Internet of Batteryless Things

Batteryless, energy-harvesting systems could reshape the Internet of Things into a more sustainable societal infrastr...

Internet of Things Security and Privacy Labels Should Empower Consumers

Designs should offer useful information and convenience.

Innovation Is Overrated: A Provocation

Digital innovation is not working in the interest of the whole of society. It is time to radically rethink its purpos...

Teaching Transformed

The apparent ability of LLMs to write functioning source code has caused celebration over the potential for massive i...

Energy and Emissions of Machine Learning on Smartphones vs. the Cloud

A Google case study finds ML training in the cloud can reduce CO2e emissions up to 100×.

Why Are Lawyers Afraid of AI?

Generative artificial intelligence and the law: there is no turning back.

Epigenomics Now

Computer power helps biologists track the regulation of genetic information.